We understand that bringing new treatments to patents is grueling work with a low probability of success – nearly 90% of drug candidates fail to reach the market. We believe we can improve these odds by positively impacting the human variables in healthcare.

Henri Termeer lived values-driven leadership.

The Termeer Foundation is uniquely positioned to support the next generation of life science leaders through our values-driven leadership model. We are filling a persistent gap in biotech that stands in the way of getting more cures to patients: the human variable. By working with a select group of students, leaders, innovators, and scholars (“Termeer Leaders”), our values-driven programming helps enrich the essential backbone characteristics that sustain leaders on their quest to bring innovations to patients – responsibility, passion, innovation, humility, and connectivity.

Termeer Leadership Pathway

“Leaders in our industry, not unlike mountaineers, engage in a very high-risk environment to reach their goals. You need courageous people, who pursue their goals believing it is all extremely worthwhile and who surround themselves with highly skilled and equally passionate people.”


The Problem:



The Termeer Foundation focuses on biotech innovators, leaders and visionaries who want to improve patient lives and solve the world’s biggest healthcare problems. Our programs support innovators from early to established career phases, across industry and academia. We understand that bringing new treatments to patients is grueling work with a low probability of success.

The Solution:

a diverse array of innovators.

them to solve healthcare challenges and help patients across the globe.

We believe that we can positively impact the PEOPLE variables in healthcare by supporting and connecting leaders, ultimately increasing the probability of creating cures and solving healthcare’s greatest challenges.