Academic scientists who identify as change makers, researching and addressing healthcare problems with potential for long-term social impact



“The Termeer Foundation is committed to championing emerging biotechnology leaders and finding people who want to solve the biggest problems in human health. By supporting researchers, we plant the seeds for future success in individuals who are preparing to make significant contributions in academia and industry.”

BELINDA TERMEER, President of The Termeer Foundation

Support & pilot grants
for academics solving healthcare challenges

The Termeer Scholar Award supports and elevates leaders and scholars who are making an impact on the world by developing scientific advances like new medicines and diagnostics that represent the future of the biotechnology industry and the potential to positively impact patients’ lives.  The Award is intended to support individuals who have and ignite excitement for solving the biggest problems in human health and treatment delivery.  The focus of the research of a Termeer Scholar is on advancing treatments and cures for patients.

This year’s co-recipients of the Termeer Scholars Award are Omar Abudayyeh and Jonathan Gootenberg, McGovern Institute Fellows at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) whose lab is leveraging natural biological systems, including CRISPR biology, to develop a suite of tools for next-generation cellular engineering. These tools have been adopted by researchers over the world and formed the basis for four companies that Omar and Jonathan have co-founded.



Omar Abudayyeh

McGovern Institute Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Jonathan Gootenberg

McGovern Institute Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology