Executive Director, Catharine Smith Featured on The Story Behind Her Success Podcast

Catharine Candy In studio 2MCPictured L – R: Candy O’Terry, Host, Story Behind Her Success; Catharine Smith, Executive Director, The Termeer Foundation

Executive Director, Catharine Smith was recently featured in the nationally-syndicated podcast, The Story Behind Her Success with Candy O’Terry. In this episode, Catharine sat down with Candy to discuss the path that brought her to The Termeer Foundation and the importance of building a healthcare model that benefits everyone. When Candy asked her what drew her to this position, Catharine referenced an early interest in science even though she did not follow a traditional path, completing research in South America and focusing on equitable and effective healthcare models at the Clinton Foundation. In this podcast, they discuss the power of cooperation, inner strength and mentoring.

Listen Here

"Success is the opportunity to elevate what others are doing and their work."
- Catharine Smith

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