It takes 10 years to develop a new treatment, and less than 10% of experimental therapies that enter human testing ultimately succeed in being approved for human use.

While some failures are inevitable because the science simply doesn’t work, many failures are due to human variables: a flaw in the trial design, a lack of funding, an unprecedented regulatory environment, or even an inability to envision the indication as the basis for a sustainable business.

The Termeer Foundation strives to accelerate the timeline and increase the probability of successfully developing and delivering innovative medicines to patients by making connections, breaking down silos, and removing barriers to progress across the industry. The Foundation connects its network with individuals and organizations across the healthcare ecosystem, such as academic institutions, nonprofits and regulatory agencies, to provide expert counsel, stimulate innovation, and ultimately advance cures.


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Columbus Children’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization seeking to accelerate equitable access to the most effective gene therapy solutions for children with ultra-rare genetic diseases. The foundation collaborates with scientific and clinical experts to advance ultra-rare programs into the clinic, and with gene therapy manufacturers to lower the cost of production. The Termeer Foundation in working in partnership with the Columbus Children’s Foundation to create a Gene Therapy Expert Council that will develop a roadmap for navigating and expediting the path of bringing curative gene therapy solutions to patients with ultra-rare diseases.

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The Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies at Massachusetts General Hospital focuses on innovative clinical trials and genotype-based research to speed the discovery and development of new targeted cancer therapies to patients with early and advanced stage cancer. The Termeer Center's goal is to cut the average time for drug development from ten years to five and, with more clinical trials, improve access to therapy for patients.

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The Termeer Foundation supports scientific research at multiple leading Boston-area universities through the Termeer Professor of Medical Engineering and Science and the Termeer Fellow of Medical Engineering and Science at IMES, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Henri and Belinda Termeer Early Career Investigator Fellowship at Harvard Medical School.

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In addition, The Termeer Foundation supports industry organization MassBioEd in providing the “MassBioEd Henri A. Termeer Student Scholarship program,” an annual award of $2,500 for a high school student to use towards college, with a major in a field related to biotechnology. The Foundation also supports the “MassBioEd Henri A. Termeer Biotechnology and Life Science Educator Grant,” which provides a $2,500 award to a life science teacher in recognition of superior mentoring of their students.

In July 2019, the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy signed a Memorandum of Understanding laying the basis for a Massachusetts – the Netherlands Transatlantic Life Sciences Partnership. In addition to the signatories, Health-Holland, MassBio, HollandBIO and the Henri A. Termeer Tribute Committee agreed to provide support and organize activities to promote trans-Atlantic collaboration. The Termeer Foundation is working to set up an award honoring and supporting innovation and cultural exchange between researchers in Massachusetts and in Holland, the Henri Termeer Transatlantic Connections Award..

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